Welcome to European Cup bobsleigh and skeleton 11th. – 14th. november in Lillehammer Olympic Bob- and Lugetrack

The Norwegain Luge, Bob and Skeleton Federation welcome you to Lillehammer, to a double EC in bobsleigh and skeleton. At this page you will find some information you need about Covid-19, the invitation and results.

Here you find the support letter that you have to bring with you crossing the boarder of Norway

Here you find the sanitary protocoll 4.th oct 2021

Important links regarding Covid-19 and Norway




Updated info 28.10.2021

Everybody should bring with them papers with necessary data about their vaccination, because this can help you when it comes to the decision of who have to go to an entry quarantine – with antigentest and PCR test:

Look at the green box

I have now received a new message from the community doctor here in Lillehammer

The athletes and the team staff which have to stay in an entry quarantine, have to take the antigentest by themselves.

That means that I need information from you, if your team have to go into an entry quarantine, how many antigentest do you need and where I shall meet you to deliver them.

Please contact me as soon as you know this!

I have already a list from some of the nations which have to stay in an quarantine.

Here you find a video that demonstrates how to take the test

English subtitles.

You have to take the test before entering the track each day before you get a negative result at the PCR test.

The PCR test take place close to Håkon Hall in Lillehammer.

See attached detailed map and the link here


It is your responsibility to take the test, if you have to stay in an quarantine.

That means that everybody who is in a quarantine get a negative result at the antgentest/rapid test in the morning, can go to the track to train.

The PCR test must be taken at Lillehammer coronatest station

The test station is a drop in station and it is open:

Monday- Friday: 08.30-15.00

Saturday: 08.30-13.00

Sunday: Closed

If the test station is closed the day you earliest are allowed to take the PCR test, you need to wait to next possible time you can go there.

In meanwhile you need to take an  antigentest until you received a result from the PCR test.

The test station is situated close to Håkon Hall.

Look at the map attached to this mail, there you can see where the teststation is located.

Here is a link to the map, where you can see where to drive.

If you antigen test/rapid test is positive, you have to contact me immediately

For positive rapid tests, the following will be done

– Person with positive rapid test is isolated in their own room

– New pcr test ordered

– Infection tracing